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Daniel's expertise focuses primarily on the intersection between society and health. The questions he is most concerned with finding answers to all revolve around the central premise, "how do we build societies that promote human and environmental health?" 

Addressing this central question has led Daniel to focus primarily on three central approaches of inquiry: social inequalities, technological innovation and the environment. This work strives to understand complex issues and systems at the population level, where politics and the human-environmental experience collide. Central to this focus is therefore a perspective grounded in social and environmental sustainability. His work is highly influenced by the fields of sociology and health sciences, but also finds inspiration from a multidisciplinary perspective from social, health and technology sciences. 

At the heart of all his work experience is an ongoing effort to bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, or science and society. As a result, his professional endeavors have included work as an advisor in the public sector, the leader of a successful non-profit environmental organization, a small-scale farmer, an associate professor and currently as a researcher and ski guide.


Daniel has his Bachelor (2008) and Master (2011) degree from the department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at San Diego State University and his PhD (2019) from the department of Public Health and Nursing at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). His PhD can be found here: "The Pro-Innovation Paradox: Social inequalities and health in an age of technological transformation"