Reinflytting. Foto: Thoralf Fagertun
Foto: Thoralf Fagertun

Sustainability, natural resources and biodiversity loss

The research group "Sustainability, natural resources and biodiversity loss" consists of skilled researchers with expertise in sustainable development across various sectors and geographical areas. Our focus is on understanding and solving challenges within the blue-green sector. We place particular emphasis on the processes linked to climate change and nature loss, as well as the interaction between industries based on natural resources, public policy and administration.
Our group possesses a broad expertise that encompasses a number of subject areas, including political science, sociology, geography, anthropology, economics, technology and ecology. Our working method is interdisciplinary, and we engage in complex societal issues that require an integrated approach. We are a group of approximately 13 researchers, who operate from the starting point in northern local communities, but with close connections to global environmental issues and international research networks.

We have a broad geographical profile, although many of our projects are rooted in the North in general and Nordland in particular. Our research work extends from South to North, East and West with partners in Spain and Svalbard, Finland and the USA, to name a few. This enriches our perspective and our understanding of the challenges linked to climate, natural resources and loss of biodiversity on a global scale.
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