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  •  Lavvu (a traditional Sámi tent)

    NAISA hosts an annual meeting that addresses Indigenous issues. This year, the conference took place for the first time in Europe and Bodø. The Nordland Research Institute and Nord University hosted this year's NAISA meeting between June 6 and 8, 2024.

  • Arctic Congress Bodø 2024

    The Arctic Congress Bodø 2024, held from 29 May to 3 June, concluded with a resounding call for international cooperation, sustainable development, and innovative solutions to the Arctic region's challenges.

  • Marint plastavfall. Foto: Bo Eide

    The research project Shift-Plastics has identified the most important challenges that must be mitigated to reduce plastic waste from the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

  • Bodø, harbour, city landskape

    - This will be spectacular, says Professor Grete Hovelsrud, IASSA president and Steering Committee Chair for Arctic Congress Bodø 2024.

  • Kollektiv kvalitativ analyse arbeidsverksted

    Do you work with qualitative data? Interview, fieldwork or document analysis? Have you ever sat there with several hundred pages of transcripts and wondered what to do? How do you go about analyzing all this? You are not alone.

  • Gruve på Svalbard. Foto: Marta Anna Løvberg

    Within a few years, Svalbard went from being a society based on coal production to giving tourism, education and research the main roles. Can the island in the north inspire other communities to phase out carbon-intensive power production?