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HYBES - Hybrid energy solutions for buildings and infrastructure

Interreg - Norhtern Periphery and Arctic
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How urban and rural areas in the northern periphery and arctic can implement more energy efficient solutions to obtain substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, is the focus of this project.

We need to rethink and develop energy efficient solutions and combine different renewable energy carriers for buildings and transportation.

To reach the EU goal to make buildings energy- and CO2-neutral it is important to take into use and combine different energy technologies. To build in this flexibility and capacity will make the energy infrastructure less vulnerable and reduce future infrastructure cost substantial. A key objective of this proposal is to provide a future project proposal which will facilitate the delivery of pilot decarbonisation zones (DZ’s) in urban and rural settlements across the NPA region. These DZ’s will combine differing techniques in delivering CO2 neutrality.To build capacity is also essential to make transportation and mobility sustainable and to promote the transformation of transportation towards using electricity and hydrogen for transportation.