Fostering gender equality: Meeting the entrepreneurship and microfinance challenge

National Report Norway on the entrepreneurial environment.

Nordland Research Institute has research competence on the issues of entrepreneurship and gender, and the integration of these two research fields. The Entrepreneurial Environment Study was contracted to Nordland Research Institute by Nettverkskreditt BA in order to deliver the Norwegian report within the EU-project “Fostering gender equality: Meeting the entrepreneurship and microfinance challenge”. As such the report follows a disposition which aims at enhancing comparisons between the participating countries, especially by reporting themes which is used in a scorecard. To be able to do the comparisons some parts of this report are equal to some of the subsections in the French country report, this is accordingly referred. 

The research in this report is conducted with support from the European Community - Programme relating to the Community Framework Strategy on Gender Equality (2001-2005). The information contained in this document does not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the European Commission.

Skrevet av Trude Emaus Holm, Elisabet Ljunggren

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