Entrepreneurial behavior and new venture creation in the tourism industry

The study aims to contribute to the knowledge on entrepreneurial behavior in the tourism industry and how this is related to subsequent learning and performance. It also aims to create more knowledge on how institutional forces influence the activities the entrepreneurs perform in the start-up phase and the learning they get from it.

An enhanced understanding of these factors might provide valuable insight into the support needed by new businesses in the early years in this industry.

This PhD project takes steps to respond to the call to link entrepreneurial behavior at the micro level to implications in the entrepreneurship policy debates (Zahra and Wright, 2011). The study will also contribute to filling the need for more  knowledge on entrepreneurship in the tourism sector, which up until now has been limited (Carmichael and Morrison, 2011, Ateljevic and Page, 2009).

Phd student: Sølvi Solvoll


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